PTC’s strategy begins with strong principles. We often focus on small companies that have been built through many years of hard work by an entrepreneurial founder or family and which employ a small number of people. We recognize that the founder has a responsibility to his or her employees when partnering with an investor to make the best decision with regard to their employees’ futures. One of our founding principles is the recognition that success in business is fundamentally a result of fostering mutually-respectful relationships between people. An extension of this philosophy is an appreciation for the critical contribution provided by employees at all levels of the organization. Engaging with and listening to the true domain experts – regardless of rank or title – allows us to create value by focusing primarily on innovation, growth, and process optimization rather than cost.
Certain core values are very important to us—integrity (we say what we mean and mean what we say and we’ll have no hidden agendas), clarity in communications (“plain speak,” no hard to parse ambiguous or deceptive communications), true partnering for growth (we aren’t about shedding people or other assets for cost cutting; our strategy is to help portfolio companies grow both organically and through synergistic additions), true partnering for mutual wealth creation (we want our CEOs and executive teams to win big financially as a result of partnering with us). We both worked in different private equity environments and we experienced personally what “worked” for us and what didn’t feel right, and this is our opportunity to demonstrate the former in our culture.

We will work hard to ensure that a business owner’s brand, vision, reputation and legacy remain intact by working with us.